Play Together: “Flower Power” #1 (PEEP game)

  • “Flower Power” (PEEP Game)

MA Standards:

English Language Arts/Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.2: Recall information for short periods of time and retell, act out, or represent information from a text read aloud, a recording, or a video (e.g., watch a video about birds and their habitats and make drawings or constructions of birds and their nests).

Head Start Outcomes:

Social Emotional Development/Self-Regulation: Follows simple rules, routines, and directions.
Language Development/Receptive Language: Attends to language during conversations, songs, stories, or other learning experiences.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Language 2: Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions.

Play Together: “Flower Power” #1 (PEEP game)

ELA Focus Skills: Active Viewing, Compare and Contrast, Counting, Follow Directions, Small Motor Skills, Vocabulary

Introduce the PEEP and the Big Wide World game “Flower Power” to children. Tell children they are going to play a game about sharing flowers. Say, Chirp and Quack need your help. They want to share the flowers. We have to make sure they each have the same number of flowers.

Guide children to understand that a player needs to drag flowers into Chirp’s area and Quack’s area until they both have the same number of flowers.

Model how to play the game. As you play together, ask,

  • How many flowers does Quack have now?
  • How many flowers should I put here?
  • Who has more flowers now?
  • What should I do to make sure they both have the same number of flowers?

Let children work in pairs to play the game. Give help as needed or pair a young child with an older child who can help.

Adaptation: Very young children may not be able to do the game alone, so play with them one-on-one.

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