The playlists are a collection of videos and interactive games used throughout the curriculum. Each playlist gives you easy access to fun, interactive, and educational resources focusing on the concepts and topics of an individual curriculum unit.

PLAYLISTS – Units / Themes (3 - 5 YEARS)

In Unit 1, children are introduced to their new learning environment, to each other, and to the ideas of exploring and observing their world. Children also begin to learn about family, friends, the alphabet, the library, and much more.

In Unit 2, children are introduced to color. They will begin to identify shades of color, mix colors, view the world through transparent colored  lenses, and explore color in light. Children will investigate the world of color all around them—indoors and outdoors.

In Unit 3, children begin to explore the basic concepts of sound and gain an awareness of the sounds all around them. They explore where sounds come from, what direction sounds travel, and how to track the source of a sound. They also explore classifying and creating sounds of different volume, pitch, and timber.

In Unit 4, children explore the world of musical sounds. They listen to and produce sounds using different materials and begin to understand how to change sounds to produce a desired result. They also explore vibrations as they pluck rubber band guitars and they begin to explore how music can affect them—both emotionally and physically.

In Unit 5, children investigate how different objects move when placed on a ramp and become aware that the shape and texture of an object affects whether it will roll or slide. They build ramps and measure how far objects roll when they leave the ramp. Children also observe what happens when an obstacle is placed in the way of a rolling object.

In Unit 6, children learn about different materials and tools that are used in building houses and other structures. They begin to understand that how a structure is designed and built will help determine how strong and stable it will be. Children build structures out of various materials and use measurement tools to explore estimating size as they build.

In Unit 7, children will become aware that plants are living things that grow in places where their needs are met. They begin to understand that all living things have basic needs in common. Children will plant their own seeds and bulbs and observe, compare, measure, and graph their plants’ growth over several weeks.

In Unit 8, children explore plants we eat. They use their senses to identify and describe different foods such as fruits and vegetables. Children begin to learn where some foods come from, what parts of plants we eat, and how seeds travel from one place to another.

In Unit 9, children investigate the world of water. They learn that water does not have a shape of its own and how it behaves differently when poured onto different surfaces. Children use tools to drip drops, create rivers, and build dams as they explore evaporation, absorption, floating, and sinking.

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