Play "Hide and Peep" #2 (PEEP game)

  • “Hide and Peep” (PEEP game)
  • behind
  • find
  • hide

MA Standards:

Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.2: Recall information for short periods of time and retell, act out, or represent information from a text read aloud, a recording, or a video (e.g., watch a video about birds and their habitats and make drawings or constructions of birds and their nests).
Mathematics/Geometry/PK.G.MA.1: Identify relative positions of objects in space, and use appropriate language (e.g., beside, inside, next to, close to, above, below, apart).  

Head Start Outcomes:

Logic and Reasoning/ Reasoning and Problem Solving: Uses past knowledge to build new knowledge.
Approaches to Learning/Persistence and Attentiveness: Resists distractions, maintains attention, and continues the task at hand through frustration or challenges.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Language 2: Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions.
Mathematics/Shapes and Spatial Sense 12: Listen to and use comparative words to describe the relationships of objects to one another.

Play "Hide and Peep" #2 (PEEP game)

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Skill Focus: Follow Directions, Math (Spatial Sense), Vocabulary

Have children continue to play the PEEP and the Big Wide World game “Hide and Peep.” Remind children that they will see where the characters go, and then they have to remember where the characters are hiding.

  • Have pairs work together to remember where each character is hiding in the garden shed.
  • Encourage children to name where the character is hiding by using positional vocabulary words such as beside, inside, next to, close to, above, and/or below.

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