Draw and Write Together: It Floats! It Sinks!

  • chart paper
  • marker
  • paper and crayons
  • float
  • museum
  • sink

MA Standards:

Writing/W.PK.MA.2: Use a combination of dictating and drawing to explain information about a topic.

Head Start Outcomes:

Social Emotional Development/Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy: Identifies personal characteristics, preferences, thoughts, and feelings.
Literacy Knowledge/Early Writing: Uses scribbles, shapes, pictures, and letters to represent objects, stories, experiences, or ideas.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Composition 16: Use their own words or illustrations to describe their experiences, tell imaginative stories, or communicate information about a topic of interest.

Draw and Write Together: It Floats! It Sinks!

© Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Early Education and Care (Jennifer Waddell photographer). All rights reserved.

ELA Focus Skills: Concepts of Print, Dictating Sentences, Letter Recognition, Vocabulary, Word Recognition

Review what a museum is with children. Discuss all the things Fish, Jr. wanted to see “up there” out of the water. Ask children to imagine they are the little red fish and think of the things Quack sent down to the Fish Museum. Say, What was your favorite thing to look at in the Fish Museum? Did it sink or float?

Have children draw a picture to illustrate their favorite object. Tell them you will help them write to complete this caption on their page:

The <acorn> <floats>.

When children have completed their page, gather them and assemble into a group book. Invite children to illustrate the cover. Title the book “It Floats! It Sinks!” and place it in the Library Center for children to visit through out the unit.

English Language Learners: Whenever possible, demonstrate word meanings for float and sink with gestures. Have children repeat the word and the gesture after you until they grasp an understanding of each word.

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