Flashlight Games

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Flashlight Games

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Toddlers want to talk about things all around them. Play flashlight games with toddlers to help them build vocabulary and language skills. 

  • Spotlight and focus on something children notice and then name the object. But don’t stop there—talk about the color, texture, or shape of the object.
  • Then talk about what it is used for or how it works.
  • Keep the children thinking and talking!

Play flashlight games with toddler partners. If a young toddler has difficulty holding and aiming the flashlight, hold it with him until you can trust he can hold it and keep the beam away from others’ eyes. 

Once toddlers learn to control flashlights, play simple language-building games. As the toddler’s language grows, you can extend and vary the game. When you feel toddlers are ready, you can help them play together.

Try some of these flashlight game ideas.

  • Ask a toddler to shine the flashlight on something you name or describe. Have him repeat your words.
  • Ask a toddler to name or describe something for you to shine the light on.
  • Spotlight new items that you have added to the play spaces. Talk about what each is, what you use it for, etc.
  • Talk about location, direction, and opposites like up/down, over/under, and light/dark. For example, Shine the light on the box under the table.
  • Find many examples of a category of items, such as furniture or vehicles. Talk about what makes them the same and different.
  • Explore and discuss shadow shapes. 
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