In the Mirror

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  • scarves
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  • unbreakable mirror

In the Mirror

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Babies love watching faces, especially when it’s their own. Give a baby an unbreakable mirror and you will be providing him with a close-up friend! Playing with reflections is a fun way for babies to explore and learn as they watch the results of their actions, such as waving, smiling, or talking. Use an unbreakable mirror with these activities.

  • Prop a mirror in front of a baby during tummy-time. Talk about what he sees in the mirror, for example, his eyes, nose, mouth, or expressions.
  • Hold a mirror along the side of a baby’s crib so he can talk to and watch the reflection as he wakes or dozes off to sleep.
  • Prop a mirror securely against the wall. Put a baby in your lap and sit facing the mirror. Touch and name parts of the baby’s body. He won’t know the words yet, but he will be able to connect what he feels with what he sees. Use a child’s home language whenever possible.
  • Prop a mirror against the wall. Give two older babies scarves, hats, or toys to play with as they watch their reflections. Talk about what they see.

Most of all, have fun building your relationship as you laugh at silly faces, introduce new concepts such as body parts, or talk about actions.

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