A Windy Day

  • cotton balls or feathers
  • crayons
  • glue
  • leaves
  • paper
  • paper bag (small, one for each child)

A Windy Day

© T.F. Charlton

Most toddlers love to play outside in any kind of weather. They test and stretch their new motor skills as they run, jump, climb, and slide. Outdoors is also a great science classroom for toddlers where they can explore.

Go outside on a windy day and take a wind walk with toddlers.

  • Prepare children by helping them understand that they won’t see the wind, but they will see the effects of the wind. Blow a feather or piece of paper around to help them visualize.
  • Look for things outside that are being blown around by the wind, such as a flag or branches swaying. Help children describe what they see, feel, and hear. Take a few moments to have toddlers stand still and feel the wind blowing in their faces.
  • Extend the concept once you return inside. Have toddlers act out being the wind. Place a few cotton balls or feathers on the table. Have a toddler sound like the wind as she blows them off the table. Or let toddlers dance like trees, flags, or butterflies that are blown by the wind.

Give toddlers small paper bags and have them chase and collect leaves as they blow off trees or along the ground. Bring the leaves inside and explore them together.

  • Let toddlers try blowing their leaves, like the wind. Do they rustle or skitter away?
  • Compare the colors, textures, and shapes of leaves. Help toddlers notice the veins, stems, and edges. Turn the leaves over and compare the two sides.

Have toddlers draw pictures and glue leaves on their projects.

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