All About ME

  • crayons
  • family photos
  • glue
  • magazine pictures
  • paper
  • stapler

All About ME

WGBH/Denise Nelson

Toddlers are beginning to understand who they are and what they can do. They are fascinated when they hear stories or see books about themselves.

Make a “Book About Me” with each toddler. Ask family members to share photos of their toddlers and their favorite people, places, and things. Make a book of a toddler’s favorite things out of photos or magazine pictures.

  • Help him paste one picture on each page. You may want to have him draw pictures to include.
  • Encourage him to scribble or dictate captions for each page.
  • Staple the pages together and have him “read” his book to you.
  • Store the books where toddlers can pull them out and “read” them on their own, with family members, or with friends.
  • Make books that help toddlers connect home and school.
  • Have children use photos or draw pictures of family members, celebrations, etc.
  • Encourage them to write or dictate captions for each page. Ask family members to supply key words in their home languages. Add them to the captions whenever possible.
  • Help a young toddler talk about something that has happened. Fill in any words he doesn’t know. Pause or ask a question so he can add words he knows or act out to show you what happened next.
  • Write his “story” for him and let him illustrate it with scribbles or stickers.
  • Read it together. When ready, ask him to “read” it to you.
  • Tell a parent about a toddler’s accomplishment or kind act as the toddler listens. Encourage him to help you tell or show his parent what he did.
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