Color Art

  • colored cellophane scraps
  • contact paper (clear)
  • hole punch
  • yarn 
  • color
  • light
  • overlap
  • transparent

Head Start Outcomes:

Science Knowledge/Scientific Skills and Method: Uses senses and tools, including technology, to gather information, investigate materials, and observe processes and relationships.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

Science and Technology/Inquiry Skills 1: Ask and seek out answers to questions about objects and events with the assistance of interested adults.

Color Art

© Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Early Education and Care (Jennifer Waddell photographer). All rights reserved.

Skill Focus: Color Recognition, Creative Expression, Speaking and Listening, Vocabulary

Have children make a piece of art to hang in the window so they can watch light shine through the different colors.

  • Allow children to touch the contact paper to feel the stickiness.
  • Choose one scrap of cellophane and show how to gently place it on the contact paper. Say, The contact paper is sticky, so when I put a piece of colored cellophane on it, the cellophane sticks and won’t move around.
  • Ask What else do you notice about the cellophane? Help children notice that the cellophane is transparent. Ask, What do you know about transparent materials?
  • Have a volunteer place a second piece of cellophane on the sticky contact paper. Be sure the edges overlap so children can see the change in colors. Say, Tonya placed a corner of the yellow cellophane on top of the red cellophane. What happened to the red cellophane?

Have children continue with their own color art and, when they are complete, help them place another sheet of contact paper on top, sandwiching the colored cellophane pieces between the two layers.

  • Hang the art on a window where the light will shine through.
  • Ask, How does the light change colors when it passes through colored transparent material? Guide children to respond using the key vocabulary terms.
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