Talk Together: All About Color

  • "Colors" chart (from Week 1)
  • photographs of explorations taken during the week
  • color
  • dark
  • darker
  • darkest
  • light
  • lighter
  • lightest
  • mix
  • paint
  • rainbow
  • shade 
  • transparent

MA Standards:

Speaking and Listening: SL.PK.MA.1: Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners during daily routines and play.
Language: L.PK.MA.1: Demonstrate use of oral language in informal everyday activities.
Language: L.PK.MA.6: Use words and phrases acquired through conversations, listening to books read aloud, activities, and play.

Head Start Outcomes:

Language Development/Receptive Language: Attends to language during conversations, songs, stories, or other learning experiences.
Language Development/Expressive Language: Uses language to express ideas and needs.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Language 2: Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions.

Talk Together: All About Color

© Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Early Education and Care (Jennifer Waddell photographer). All rights reserved.

ELA Focus Skills: Speaking and Listening, Vocabulary

Review with children the ideas they have observed and recorded about mixing paints, colors, mixing shades of a color (light, lighter, lightestdark, darker, and darkest), and looking at colors through transparent materials. Invite children to add any new observations to the "Colors" chart. Acknowledge all the new things children have learned about color.

Look at the photographs you took as children explored color this week and the work around the room that children created. Review what children learned by asking questions like:

  • What did you discover about how things look different when viewed through transparent materials?
  • What did you learn about how rainbows are made?
  • Can you tell me something you were surprised to learn about color?
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