Draw and Write Together: Family and Friends

  • "Being a Good Friend" chart
  • different
  • family
  • friend
  • same

MA Standards:

Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.1: Participate in collaborative conversations with diverse partners during daily routines and play.

Head Start Outcomes:

Logic & Reasoning/Problem Solving: Classifies, compares, and contrasts objects, events, and experiences.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts 1: Observe and use appropriate ways of interacting in a group (taking turns in talking; listening to peers; waiting until someone is finished; asking questions and waiting for an answer; gaining the floor in appropriate ways).
English Language Arts 2: Participate actively in discussions, listen to the ideas of others, and ask and answer relevant questions.
English Language Arts 5: Listen to and use formal and informal language.
English Language Arts 20: Generate questions and gather information to answer their questions in various ways.

Draw and Write Together: Family and Friends

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Invite children to reflect on what they have learned about families and friends this week.

First revisit the “Our Families” wall. Ask questions such as,

  • What is something that is the same about our families? What is something that is different?
  • How is <Lela’s> family the same as <Travis’s> family? How is it different?

Next, revisit the “Being a Good Friend” chart. Continue with questions about friends.

Finally, tell children that you are going to read the chart that lists all the things they have learned about being a good friend. Say,

  • After each I read each item, I am going to write the name of a child I noticed who was being a good friend in that way this week. Or you can say the name of one of your friends who was being a good friend that way.
  • Be sure to include all children in the group on the chart.
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