Color “I Spy”

  • objects (various colors)

MA Standards:

Language/L.PK.MA.1: Demonstrate use of oral language in informal everyday activities.

MA Draft STE Standards:

Physical Sciences/Matter and Its Interactions: Structure and Properties of Matter/PSI.A: Describe, compare, sort and classify objects based on observable physical characteristics, uses, and whether it is manufactured as part of their classroom play and investigations of the natural and human-made world.

Head Start Outcomes:

Language Development/Expressive Language: Engages in communication and conversation with others.
Logic and Reasoning/Reasoning and Problem Solving: Classifies, compares, and contrasts objects, events, and experiences.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

Mathematics/Patterns and Relations 8: Sort, categorize, or classify objects by more than one attribute.

Color “I Spy”

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Skill Focus: Color Recognition, Listening and Speaking, Vocabulary

Children will listen to and find items in the Pretend and Play Center after listening to clues given by a partner.

Tell children they will play a game with a partner. Explain that they will need to listen very carefully to some clues and then they will try to use the clues to find an object.

  • Demonstrate by giving clues for one object, such as, I spy something that is the color red. It bounces. It is in the toy box. What is it? (ball)
  • Help children identify and describe objects. Encourage children to take turns giving clues and guessing objects.

Adaptation: For children of various ages, you may want partner pairs of different ages to play the game. You can pair one older and one younger child.

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