Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

  • chart paper
  • index cards
  • markers
  • pictures of musical instruments
  • favorite
  • graph
  • musical instrument

MA Standards:

Mathematics/Counting and Cardinality/PK.CC.MA.4 Count many kinds of concrete objects and actions up to ten, using one-to-one correspondence, and accurately count as many as seven things in a scattered configuration.
Mathematics/Counting and Cardinality/PK.CC.MA.5 Use comparative language, such as more/less, equal to, to compare and describe collections of objects.

Head Start Outcomes:

Social Emotional Development/Self-Concept and Self-Efficacy Identifies personal characteristics, preferences, thoughts, and feelings.
Science Knowledge/Scientific Skills and Method Collects, describes, and records information through discussions, drawings, maps, and charts.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

Mathematics/Number Sense 1 Listen to and say the names of numbers in meaningful contexts.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

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ELA Focus Skills: Listening and Speaking

Educator Prep: Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on index card size pieces of paper and glue illustrations in a column on the left side of a piece of chart paper. Title the page “Our Favorite Instruments.”

Display a chart titled “Our Favorite Instruments” on the wall at children’s level.

Ask volunteers to come up to the chart and point to and name a musical instrument on the chart. Have the group act out playing each instrument as it is identified. Then tell children they are going to make a graph, or a chart, that will show the group’s favorite instrument. Remind children that a favorite instrument is the one that you like best of all.

  • Distribute a name card to each child. Have children illustrate their name card with a picture of their favorite instrument from the chart.
  • Once children are done, have them take turns attaching their name card next to the matching instrument on the chart. Guide them to place the cards in rows.
  • Talk about the completed graph. Ask, How many people chose (guitar) as their favorite musical instrument? Let’s count. Which instrument has the (longest, shortest) line of name cards after it? That is the group’s (favorite/least favorite) instrument.

Display the “Our Favorite Instrument” graph so families can ask children about it during Music Day.

Math Tip: Graphs help children begin to understand that information can be shown visually. Graphs make it easy for children to make comparisons. Use graphs when appropriate to help children make comparisons.

Adaptation: For children with advanced math abilities, have them count how many more or fewer are in each row.

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