Watch Together: “Roller Coaster” #2 (BTL show)

  • dip
  • dive
  • move
  • ramp
  • roll
  • slide
  • roller coaster
  • zoom

MA Standards:

Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.2: Recall information for short periods of time and retell, act out, or represent information from a text read aloud, a recording, or a video (e.g., watch a video about birds and their habitats and make drawings or constructions of birds and their nests).

Head Start Outcomes:

Language Development/Receptive Language: Attends to language during conversations, songs, stories, or other learning experiences.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Reading and Literature 12: Listen to, recite, sing, and dramatize a variety of age-appropriate literature.
English Language Arts/Language 3: Communicate personal experiences or interests.
Science and Technology/Physical Sciences 25: Explore and identify simple machines such as ramps, gears, wheels, pulleys, and levers through play experiences.

Watch Together: “Roller Coaster” #2 (BTL show)

STEM Key Concepts: Understand that a ramp, or inclined plane, is a surface with one end higher than the other; Recognize that an object placed on an inclined plane will roll, slide, or stay put; Describe the way objects move when they are placed on ramps Identify tools and simple machines used for a specific purpose, e.g., ramp, wheel, pulley, lever

ELA Focus Skills: Active Viewing, Environmental Print, Story Comprehension, Vocabulary

Play the video Between the Lions “Roller Coaster” for children. Encourage active viewing by prompting children to:

  • sway with the roller coaster as it dips and dives and zooms
  • say “Wheeee,” along with the riders.
  • to “read” along, as many words as they can.

After viewing, ask children to describe how the roller coaster is like the ramps they have made and explored. Ask, How is it different?

  • Encourage use of new vocabulary such as roll, slide, move.
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