Go, Wheels, Go!

  • crayons or markers
  • glue
  • magazines
  • paper
  • scissors
  • writing materials
  • author
  • front cover
  • illustrator
  • title

MA Standards:

Writing: W.PK.MA.2: Use a combination of dictating and drawing to explain information about a topic.

Head Start Outcomes:

Literacy Knowledge/Early Writing: Experiments with writing tools and materials.
Literacy Knowledge/Early Writing: Uses scribbles, shapes, pictures, and letters to represent objects, stories, experiences, or ideas.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Composition 16: Use their own words or illustrations to describe their experiences, tell imaginative stories, or communicate information about a topic of interest.

Go, Wheels, Go!

© Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Department of Early Education and Care (Jennifer Waddell photographer). All rights reserved.

Skill Focus: Concepts of Print, Fine   Motor Skills, Letter Recognition, Vocabulary

Tell children they can make an information books about wheels. Explain that the first page will be the front cover of the book.

  • Help children write a title, such as Go, Wheels, Go!, on their covers and include a line for the “author” to write his or her name.
  • Read aloud the title, pointing out the spaces between words and the exclamation point at the end.
  • Ask children to “read” any words or letters they recognize.
  • Have them write their names on the line and decorate the cover.

Tell children that they can draw pictures or cut them from old magazines. Guide them to find pictures of cars, trucks, trains, bicycles, motorcycles, and other wheeled objects in magazine ads. Once the pictures are ready, help children write captions to identify the wheeled object and how it helps people. Let children share their completed books and then add them to the Library Center.

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