Watch Together: “Word Morph: cage–cave–cake–cook” (BTL clip)

MA Standards:

Speaking and Listening/SL.PK.MA.2: Recall information for short periods of time and retell, act out, or represent information from a text read aloud, a recording, or a video (e.g., watch a video about birds and their habitats and make drawings or constructions of birds and their nests).

Head Start Outcomes:

Language Development/Receptive Language: Attends to language during conversations, songs, stories, or other learning experiences.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Reading and Literature 7: Develop familiarity with the forms of alphabet letters, awareness of print, and letter forms.

Watch Together: “Word Morph: cage–cave–cake–cook” (BTL clip)

ELA Focus Skills: Active Viewing, Vocabulary

Tell children they are going to watch a Between the Lions video clip about words that begin with the letter “c.”

  • View Between the Lions “Word Morph: cage–cave–cake–cook” through once without pausing.
  • View the video a second time and have children clap once for each word that appears on the video.
  • You may want to play the video a third time and have children say each word aloud after the narrator.

Take It Further: Hold up word cards, some that begin with "c" and some that begin with other letters. Ask children to shout out "c!" if the word begins with the letter "c."

Take It Further: For children recognizing word parts, you may want to have them clap out the syllables of words as you read each word card.

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