"Dub Cubs" #2 (BTL game)

  • “Dub Cubs” (BTL game)
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  • ending sound
  • rhyme

MA Standards:

English Language Arts/Foundational Skills/RF.PK.MA.2.a With guidance and support, recognize and produce rhyming words (e.g., identify words that rhyme with /cat/ such as /bat/ and /sat/).

Head Start Outcomes:

Social Emotional Development/Self-Regulation Follows simple rules, routines, and directions.

PreK Learning Guidelines:

English Language Arts/Reading and Literature 8 Listen to, identify, and manipulate language sounds to develop auditory discrimination and phonemic awareness.

"Dub Cubs" #2 (BTL game)

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Skill Focus: Active Viewing, Hear and Identify Ending Sounds, Phonological Awareness (Rhyme, Rhythm)

Invite children to play the interactive rhyming game, Between the Lions “Dub Cubs.” Guide children to understand that when they click on the picture, objects that rhyme, or have the same ending sound, appear on the screen. Then, when they click on an object, the cubs say each word out loud. Have children repeat each word aloud. Then have children choose the record albums below the words to create musical sounds for their pictures.

Adaptation: Younger children may benefit by doing this with one-on-one supervision until they become thoroughly familiar with the routine. Then let them explore on their own.

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