Color Games

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Color Games

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Play color games and have fun helping your child notice and name the colors that she sees everyday. You can play these color games as you wait for the train or on a walk to the market––or any time you are together during the day.

Play “Color Eye Spy.”

  • Take turns giving clues describing an item and then naming the item. For example, I spy something that is red, and it is growing on a tree. I like the crunchy, juicy taste of this. What is it? (apple)

Play the game a little differently and help your child build her memory skills.

  • Give clues about familiar things that you cannot see. For example, I spied something in the bathroom that is yellow. It floats on the water. It squeaks when you squeeze it. What is it? (rubber duck)

Play “Find the Color” anywhere and anytime.

  • When you are taking a walk or sitting together eating breakfast, say, Find the color            ! Now find something that is a lighter shade of            !

Media Connection: Play a color match game as you watch the short video clip Between the Lions “Colorful Foods.” Pause after each food so your child can call out the color and hold up a crayon that matches the food color.

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