Feel the Vibrations


Feel the Vibrations

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Explore how sound is caused by vibrations with your child. Describe sounds and feel vibrations as you sing songs together or hunt for sounds in your immediate environment.

  • As you are taking something out of the refrigerator, have your child listen to the humming sound. Put her hand on the side of the refrigerator and ask her to describe what she feels. Introduce the word vibration (quick back and forth movements).
  • Hum a favorite song together. As she hums, place the palm of her hand on her throat so she can feel her vocal chords vibrate. Sing louder or softer. Talk about how the vibrations change.

Search for other things that vibrate. Be sure to include musical sounds (radio, toy/real instrument, etc.). Listen for and feel the vibrations together.

  • Help your child use words to describe the vibrations such as buzzing, humming, or loud.
  • End your hunt by singing a favorite song together and feeling your vocal chords vibrate.

Media Connection: Watch the video Between the Lions “Ruby Sings the Blues.” Turn up your child’s “volume control” button as she sings along with Ruby. Have her feel how the vibrations in her throat change.

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