Down the Slide

  • bag
  • different materials for your child to sit on such as blanket, cardboard sheet, dishrag, pillow cover, rubber mat, towels

Down the Slide

WGBH/Denise Nelson

Does your child love to go down a slide?

The next time you head for the slide, let her test out how different materials can make her move faster or slower—or not at all—down the slide.

Over a few days, gather some household objects made of different materials in a bag. (see materials list) 

On your next trip to the playground, bring the objects with you. Have your child go down the slide on one at a time. 

  • First, have your child go down the slide normally. Help her describe the ride (fast, far, smooth, bumpy, slow, etc.)
  • Then have her choose one object from the bag to sit on. Ask her what kind of ride she thinks she have down the slide.
  • Have her try it out and help her compare the ride to her first ride. (faster/slower, smooth/bumpy, etc.) Continue with the other objects in the bag. What object made her go down the fastest? Slowest? Not at all? 
  • Join in the fun. Talk about how the objects make you ride down the slide. 
  • Try a a plastic place mat or rubber material and see what happens!

Be prepared to include other children if they are at the slide—they will be curious and want to join in on the fun.

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