Watch It Grow

  • beans or grass seeds (dry kidney or lima beans)
  • small packets of “cat grass” (seeds are available at pet stores)
  • cardboard box
  • index cards (or paper)
  • markers; paper
  • plastic cups (2, clear)
  • soil
  • spoon

Watch It Grow

WGBH/Denise Nelson

Plant seeds with your child and encourage him to take care of them. This will help him understand what plants need in order to live and grow. It will also help him learn how to be responsible for living things in the world.

Set up a plant area in a corner of your living space (or outdoors). Cover a table with newspaper and place the plant materials on the paper. Put index cards and markers near the planting area so your child can draw or write about his plants.

  • Ask your child to scoop soil into the cups until each one is half full. You may have to help him to do a little at a time.
  • Put a few seeds in the cup. Help your child gently press them into the soil.
  • Have him place one cup in a sunny window or area and the other cup in a dark corner without any light. Talk about what plants need to grow (water and light). Ask your child what he thinks might happen to the seeds in each cup.
  • Give him the job of watering the seeds. Make it part of his morning or nighttime routine. (You may need to remind him.)

A few times a week, have him draw a picture of the seedlings. Hang them near the plants so you can both watch how the seeds are changing. Help him notice the changes in growth, leaf size, number of sprouts, root size, etc.

Media Connection: Watch the live-action video PEEP and the Big Wide World “Experimenting with Seeds.”

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