Colors, Shapes, and More


Colors, Shapes, and More

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Your toddler is very interested in what everything is and how things work. Share concept books that focus on shapes, colors, numbers, size, and other important ideas for toddlers to understand.

  • Reading these nonfiction or information books together helps reinforce what your child is learning as she explores the world.
  • These books can also help her describe her likes and interests.

Often the only words to read in concept books are labels identifying objects. With no story to read aloud, these kinds of books are ready-made for questions and conversation with your toddler. As your toddler learns to talk, she can answer more and more questions, such as What’s that? or What’s happening in this picture?

  • For young toddlers, begin with books about colors and shapes, such as Freight Train by Donald Crews and Color Zoo by Lois Ehlert.
  • Older toddlers often become very focused on learning more about their favorite things, such as dinosaurs, vehicles, or animals. Books that show them the many different varieties of their favorites will be of particular interest, such as Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs by Byron Barton or First 100 Machines by Roger Priddy.

Extend the learning experience by planning an outing to find real-world examples in your neighborhood, at the zoo, or in your yard of machines, animals, colors, or shapes you read about. 

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