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Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

Animal Homes

Explore the different types of homes animals live in. Then help your child plan and build a house for a favorite animal.

Animal Tools: "Chirp Builds a Nest" #3 (PEEP show)

Have children watch the video PEEP and the Big Wide World “Chirp Builds a Nest.” Encourage children to browse through books from the Library Center to find out more about how animals build their homes.

Artificial and Real Plants

Provide some artificial plants and real plants for children to compare with their senses.

Asking Questions

Give toddlers ongoing opportunities to ask questions. Tune into their signs and gestures of questioning and respond by giving them words for what they seem to be asking. 

At the Carwash

Have children build a carwash out of blocks and to drive the toy cars and truck through for a good washing.

Babble Talk

Get up close and engage in babble talk conversations with babies. Babies practice sounds by lip-reading, so let them watch your mouth as you talk. 

Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Baby Treasure Box

Help your baby discover the magic in everyday objects.

Back and Forth, Up and Down

Move a baby’s arms up and down and back and forth or count his fingers and toes as you use songs, chants, and nursery rhymes to introduce patterns and counting games.

Bathtub Science

Have your child explore water at bath time with plastic containers of different shapes and sizes.

Bear Cave Sounds

Invite children to recreate a bear habitat using blocks. Talk about where bears live and the sounds they might hear.

Bear Snores On #1

Read aloud Bears Snores On by Karma Wilson to children. Focus on the sounds in the story, and talk about the sounds animals make.

Beautiful “B”

Have children trace the letter “B” onto their paper. Remove the stencil and have them decorate the page.

Bigger and Bigger

Support babies as they figure out how to fit smaller boxes into larger ones or stack objects on top of one another.

Block Percussion Center

Invite children to become percussionists like the little girl in My Family Plays Music.  Have them tap the blocks lightly with wooden spoons.


Show the blueprint in Building a House by Byron Barton. Have children draw a blueprint for a building they would like to build.

Boat Book

Have children draw, dictate, or write something that surprised them as they were exploring making objects and float and sink. Compile the pages to make a group book.

Book Time

Engage babies in reading right from the start. Read to babies, but let them explore books with their eyes, mouths, and fingers, too!

Bouncy Time

Try a song or a rhyme as you bounce your baby on your knee or hold her in your arms.

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