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Build High

Have children measure the towers they are building and discuss ways to build higher and stronger.

Explore Together (indoors): Measuring to Build

Measure the length of the Block Center using a child’s length.

Measuring Tools

Introduce math tools to toddlers and let them explore measuring, pouring, filling, and emptying one material into another.

Explore Together (indoors): More Measuring Plants

Have children measure the plants and compare their results to the measurements they took in earlier weeks.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #1

Have children add to the graphs that show how their plants grow over time.

Talk Together: Measuring Tools

Open a discussion about measuring tools and how you measure things to tell their size.

Small Groups: Plant Measurements

Help children measure the parts of a plant using a measuring object. Have them draw each plant part.

Explore Together (outdoors): Measuring Up

Have children check and measure their sprouts. Then observe and measure the plants they repotted outside.

Measuring Plants

Have children continue to measure their plants. Provide various nonstandard measurement tools.

Explore Together (indoors): Measuring Plants

Measure plants using nonstandard measurement tools and have children record their measurements.

Talk Together: Measuring

Challenge children to think of ways they can use materials to measure their plants.

Small Group: “Kid Rulers”

Have children work in pairs to make “kid rulers.” Have them use their tools to measure big things.

Measure Up

Have children choose a number block card and then measure that many blocks with string so that they can make inclines just the size that they want them.

Plant Graph

Revisit children’s plant graphs and have them measure their plants again and record the measurements on the graph.

Putting the Pieces Together

Help your baby figure out how things fit together with toys that nest or stack.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #2

Make a graph of children’s results from the measuring activity.

Small Group: Measure the Flow

Have children measure how far the water flowed with nonstandard measuring tools.

Cooking with Math

When your toddler helps you cook, he’s also learning math!

Family Connection: Unit 6, Week 3, #1

Send a Family Connection letter home with children.

Family Connection: Unit 7, Week 1, #2

Give each child a twig as they leave. Encourage children to explore roots and trees with their families.

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