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Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Baby Treasure Box

Help your baby discover the magic in everyday objects.

Bouncy Time

Try a song or a rhyme as you bounce your baby on your knee or hold her in your arms.

Captain Baby

Help your baby see the world from a new perspective when you play “airplane.” Ready, set, take off!

Count Your Fingers and Toes!

Use your baby’s fascination with fingers and toes to have fun counting.

Face to Face

You and your baby have a lot to talk about! Sit face to face to start the conversation.

Family Photo Book

Your baby will love “reading” a family photo book—or any kind of simple, homemade book you create.

Finger Play

Try these fun songs as you move your hands to go with the words

Math in the Bath

Once your baby can sit up, bathtime becomes a great time to play and learn.

Move to the Groove

Music is a great way to get your baby moving and sets the stage for later fitness.


Playing Peek-a-Boo is not only fun, but helps your baby make an exciting discovery: things are still there when she can’t see them!

Putting the Pieces Together

Help your baby figure out how things fit together with toys that nest or stack.

Reading and Rhythm

Rhyming books are not only appealing to your baby, they help him learn, too!

Ready, Set, Squeeze!

Holding objects in his hands and squeezing them is good practice for when your baby eventually holds crayons, markers, and pencils.

Talk It Up

What does your baby respond to? Talk about his favorite toy or whatever grabs her attention.

Touch and Feel

Babies love to reach, grab, and touch everything! Help him safely explore his sense of touch.

Tummy Time

Get down on your baby’s level and enjoy fun times stretching, reaching, listening, and looking.

What’s That Sound?

Your baby likes to hear a variety of sounds, and he will be amazed to discover that he can also make sounds happen.

Word Power

Your baby loves hearing your voice! Help him give meaning to the sounds he makes as “da” becomes “da-da.”

Write Stuff

When you write something, invite your baby to join in by giving her a crayon and piece of paper.  

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