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3-D Houses

Have children build three-dimensional houses with boxes for the three little pigs. Glue straw on the first box, sticks on the second box, and red paper squares on the third box.

A Ticket to Ride #1

Set up a “ticket stand” and a roller coaster using a table and chairs.  Have children pretend they are buying a ticket and taking a ride on the roller coaster.

A Ticket to Ride #2

Create a roller coaster ride and set up a “ticket booth” and a roller coaster car. Have children act out buying a ticket and taking a roller coaster ride.

A Windy Day

Go outside on a windy day. Help children become aware of things being moved around by the wind.

A World of Color Mural

Have children recreate something they observed in nature and make a group mural of all the pictures.

“ABCD Watermelon” #1 (BTL game)

Children play Between the Lions “ABCD Watermelon”, an interactive game that asks them to choose what letter comes next.

Abiyoyo Puppets

Help children make their own Abiyoyo puppets. Model how to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on a small paper bag or paper plate.

Abiyoyo Village

Invite children to recreate the setting of Abiyoyo, and retell the story using props. Help children construct the village and recreate the story with them.

Above Ground or Underground

Fill the table with sand or dirt and have children dig for plants. Have them decide which plants belong above ground and which ones belong underground. 

Across the Middle

Practice hand and arm motions that go across a baby’s middle to help build muscles and skills that prepare them for writing.

Act Out The Three Little Javelinas

Encourage children to use the storyboard or story figures to retell the story on their own.

Acting Out The Carrot Seed

Encourage children to retell the story of The Carrot Seed using props. Have small groups perform their versions. 

Action Songs

Sing songs with actions and gestures to help toddlers expand their vocabularies and practice concepts. 

Adding Houses

Measure the lengths of objects by counting the number of blocks along the objects.

Aisles of Fruits and Vegetables

Have children use blocks to build fruit and vegetable aisles of a grocery store and then go shopping in the aisles.

All Aboard!

Set up a train ride in the room and have children pretend to ride the train, help them make connections to real train rides.

All About ME

Make each child a “Book About ME” with family photos and magazine pictures of favorite things. Encourage family members to read the book with their child.

All Around the Neighborhood

Have children use blocks to build a neighborhood that includes different ramps.

All Kinds of Music

Listen to different kinds of music with babies. Sing and dance with babies or plan group sing-alongs to get them moving, learning, and having fun. 

Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

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