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Draw and Write Together: Color Mixing Chart

Create simple color-mixing charts to represent what happens when colors are mixed.

Draw and Write Together: Colors All Around Poem

Write a class poem incorporating children’s observations of different colors.

Draw and Write Together: Hunting for Colors

Have children go on a hunt looking for specific colors around the room.

Draw and Write Together: Our Green Poem

Write a class poem about the color green.

Draw and Write Together: Pages of Blue

Have children identify blue items from magazines and assemble a group book. 

Draw and Write Together: “Peter Piper Paints” #1

Help children find word cards that begin with the letter "p" to complete a group poem.

Draw and Write Together: Poems and Pictures

Discuss how an author uses words in a poem to “paint” pictures in our minds.

Draw and Write Together: “Ryan Reads”

Help children create a new version of the "Ryan Reads" poem by inserting new "r" words.

Draw and Write Together: The Colors Of Us

Write a group poem about different tones of skin color.

Draw and Write Together: What Is Orange?

Write a poem with children about the color orange.

Draw and Write Together: Yellow Means . . .

Discuss the color yellow and why it is used in road signs, traffic lights, and street signs.  

Explore Together (indoors): Squishes of Color

Have children mix paints in clear sealable bags to observe how light and dark shades of a color are mixed.

Greeting Song: “Good Morning” #1

Sing a greeting song and have the group acknowledge each child by name.

Greeting Song: “Here We Are Together” #4

Sing “Here We Are Together” with children as they hold up their name cards when they hear their name in the song.

Learn About Letters Together: Letter (“Pp”) Dictionary

Talk about the letter “Pp” and create a “Pp” dictionary.

Learn About Letters Together: “Peter Piper Paints” #2

Have children recite a poem and clap the words that have the letter "p."

Learn About Letters Together: “Rocket–Doodle–Doo” #1 (BTL clip)

Watch a Between the Lions video and have children dance and hold up a letter "Rr" when they see a word with "r."

Learn About Letters Together: “Rr” Pictionary

Have children identify words that begin with the letter “Rr.” 

Letter Shaping (“Cc”)

Have children use various materials to form the letter “Cc.”

Play Together: “Color Hokey Pokey”

Have children play a game and dance about colors.

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