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A World of Color Mural

Have children recreate something they observed in nature and make a group mural of all the pictures.

Color Mixing

Have children continue to explore making new colors with colored plastic wrap and finger paints.

Decorate (“C”)

Cut out a large lowercase letter “c” for children to decorate together.

Decorate (“Yy”)

Distribute a large yellow uppercase and lowercase letter "Yy” to each child to decorate.

Draw and Write Together: Pages of Blue

Have children identify blue items from magazines and assemble a group book. 

Make a Book about Mixing Colors

Invite children to make up stories about people or make-believe animals mixing paint.

Make a Book About Yellow

Have children make a book about yellow as they fill the pages with drawings of objects that are yellow.

Make a Color Card

Have children choose a favorite color and make a color card.

Make Another Color Card

Revisit the Color Card activity from Week 1 and help children make another Color Card.

Make Colorful Castanets

Help children create and play castanets.

“Mouse Paint” Puppets

Have children create mouse puppets and other props from the story Mouse Paint.

Our Book of Color

Have children draw an object of their favorite color and create a "Favorite Color" group book. 

Sponge Painting

Have children dip sponges in paint and press them onto paper to create sponge paintings.

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