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A World of Color Mural

Have children recreate something they observed in nature and make a group mural of all the pictures.

Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

Build a (“Cc”)

Children build a large "C" with blocks by following a template taped to the floor.

Build a Letter (“Pp”)

Invite children to build the letter “Pp” with blocks.

Build a Structure

Have children work in pairs to build a structure of colored blocks.

Color Art

Have children make a collage of colored transparent materials and observe how light shines through the colors.

Color Break-Up

Help children break up colors using a simple form of chromatography to show what colors were combined to make another color.

Color Games

Colors are everywhere. Play simple games to help your child recognize the colors she sees around her every day.

Color Hunt

Divide children into two teams and have each team look for items of a specific color.

Color “I Spy”

Have children listen to and guess the color of an object based on clues.

Color Match

Have children copy patterns of colored beads, and then create their own patterns.

Color Mixing

Have children continue to explore making new colors with colored plastic wrap and finger paints.

Color Strip Match

Play a color matching game with your child as you explore colors and shades and tints of colors together.

Colors and Clothes

As your child gets dressed in the morning, talk about the colors in his clothes and let him choose a color to wear.

Decorate (“C”)

Cut out a large lowercase letter “c” for children to decorate together.

Decorate (“Yy”)

Distribute a large yellow uppercase and lowercase letter "Yy” to each child to decorate.

Draw and Write Together: Color Mixing Chart

Create simple color-mixing charts to represent what happens when colors are mixed.

Draw and Write Together: Colors All Around Poem

Write a class poem incorporating children’s observations of different colors.

Draw and Write Together: “Colors” Chart

Encourage children to share what they know about colors and record their discoveries on a chart.

Draw and Write Together: Hunting for Colors

Have children go on a hunt looking for specific colors around the room.

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