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Color Games

Colors are everywhere. Play simple games to help your child recognize the colors she sees around her every day.

Color Hunt

Divide children into two teams and have each team look for items of a specific color.

Color “I Spy”

Have children listen to and guess the color of an object based on clues.

“Paint Splat” #2 (PEEP game)

Invite children to play an interactive game as they mix two colors of paint to make a new color.

“Paint Splat" #3 (PEEP game)

Invite children to play the interactive online game PEEP and the Big Wide World  “Paint Splat,” to reinforce their knowledge of color mixing.

Play Together: Colorful Chairs

Play musical chairs and have children name the color circle on their chair. 

Play Together: “Paint Splat” #1 (PEEP game)

Have children play an interactive online game and mix paints to match colors.

Play Together: “Red Light! Green Light!”

Discuss traffic lights and play a game allowing children to "stop" on red and "go" on green. 

Puppet Play, Unit 2, Week 3

Have children act out the story of Mouse Paint as you introduce concepts such as character and dialogue.

Role Play “It’s Red! It’s Green!”

Invite children to act out the African folktale featured in the video Between the Lions “It’s Red! It’s Green!”

Talk Together: “Three Little Mice”

Have children use their small motor skills as they recite a finger play about colors.

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