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Greeting Song: “Will You Meet a Friend of Mine?” #5

Have children discuss and choose how they would like to sing the greeting song.

Greeting Song: “Yes, I Can!” #1

Turn to one child at at time and ask, What can you do? Then have the group sing about that action.

Greeting Song: “Yes, I Can!” #2

Hold up a name card and sing a verse of that child’s action. Repeat for each child.

Learn About Letter Sounds Together: Beginning Sound (/z/)

Help children learn the /z/ sound by having them come up with real or made-up words that begin with the /z/ sound.

Recite Together: “Down the Ramp”

Introduce children to a chant about ramps. Recite it using hand motions and have children join you.

Recite Together: “Feelings”

Recite the rhyme “Feelings” with children and ask them to act out the feeling words as you read them the rhyme.

Recite Together: “On the Hill”

Review what children have observed about objects rolling down a hill. Recite a poem about rolling down a hill.

Recite Together: “One Ramp, Two Ramps”

Review what children have learned about ramps. Recite “One Ramp, Two Ramps” with the up and down movements.

Recite Together: “Over, Under, Around, and Through”

Have work with a buddy to go over, under, around, and through a hoop as you recite “Over, Under, Around, and Through.” 

Recite Together: “The Grand Old Duke of York”

Discuss opposite words up and down as you recite “The Grand Old Duke of York” with children.

Recite Together: “The Slide”

Use the rhyme, “The Slide” to reinforce the concept of moving down a slide. Have children act out the motions.

Recite Together: “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom”

Teach children the chant “Zoom, Zoom, Zoom.” Recite the chant with movements and invite children to join you.

Sing Together: “Alphabet Hokey Pokey” #2

Children move their “Dd” or “Ee” letter card in and out of the circle as they sing the "Alphabet Hokey Pokey" song.

Sing Together: “Climb On!”

Discuss the children’s experiences on sleds. Sing the song about a sled.

Sing Together: “Keep on Trying”

Have children make comparisons as you reread the story The Little Engine That Could. Sing the song “Keep on Trying.”

Sing Together: “She’ll Be Rolling”

Have children act out the motions, and clap as you sing the song. Invite children to write additional verses to the song.

Sing Together: “The Wheels on the Bus” #3

Discuss how a bus moves from place to place on wheels and then sing a song about a bus and act out the motions.

Sing Together: “The Wheels on the Train”

Have children share what they know about trains and think about how trains move on the tracks. Sing the song with children.

Sing Together: “There Were Ten in the Bed”

Sing the song and model hand motions to look like you are sleeping.

Talk Together: I Can Do It!

Review the story The Little Engine That Could. Have children share a time they were afraid to go down an inclined plane.

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