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Dots of "D"

Give each child a letter “D” cutout and have them decorate it with various art materials.

Draw and Write Together: It’s a Whatchamacallit

Have children generate rhyme words as they dictate or write to complete the poem “It’s a Whatchamacallit.”

Draw and Write Together: Using Ramps

Have children dictate, write, or draw to illustrate a way in which ramps are used.

Draw and Write Together: We Did It!

Ask children to think of something they were afraid to do the first time. Have children draw a picture of them doing the task.

Draw and Write Together: Wheel Book

Invite children to draw a picture of an activity they do that requires using something with wheels. Create a group “Wheel Book.”

Go, Wheels, Go!

Have children make their own information books about wheels. 

Learn About Letters Together: Decorate Letter (“Hh”)

Children trace and decorate uppercase letter “H” with pictures of words that begin with the letter /h/ sound.

Learn About Letters Together: Decorate Letter (“Uu”)

Have children decorate a cutout "U" and then have a "U" parade around the room. 

Learn About Letters Together: “Ee” Mobiles

Have children trace the outline of the letter “E” and decorate it with drawings, pictures, or stickers of “Ee” objects. Hang the mobiles around the room.  

Learn About Letters Together: Letter Shape (“Uu”)

Have children practice tracing the letter "Uu."

Learn About Letters Together: Shape and Decorate Letter (“Z”)

Give each child a large outline of the uppercase letter “Z” to decorate with different "Z" objects.

Letter Shape (“Uu”)

Shape pipe cleaners or roll “snakes” from strips of clay to form the letter “Uu.” Have children use the materials to form the letter “Uu.”

My Own Ramp

Have children create a portable and decorative ramp out of various materials. Discuss the explorations children have done with ramps.

Pasta-Wheel Pictures

Invite children to draw something that has wheels and have them use wheel-shaped pasta to represent the wheels.

Ramp Drawings

Have children draw a picture of a slide or ramp that they have seen. Then have them identify and include pictures of objects they would like to move down ramps.

Ramp Paintings

Children dip marbles in paint and roll them down ramps to make ramp paintings. Use vocabulary such as roll, slant, and slide to discuss ramps.

Rolling, Sliding Drops of Color

Have children use an eyedropper to drip color down a ramp and create a ramp painting. 

Samantha’s Ride

Invite children to illustrate their favorite part of Samantha on a Roll. Allow children to use the book as reference.

“The Little Engine That Could” Mural

Have children draw scenes from a story and create a mural. Allow children to recreate the story using the illustrations in their mural. 

Up Mobile

Children make “UP” mobiles by coloring letter squares and identifying pictures of things that go “up.” Hang the mobiles around the room.

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