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A Ticket to Ride #1

Set up a “ticket stand” and a roller coaster using a table and chairs.  Have children pretend they are buying a ticket and taking a ride on the roller coaster.

A Ticket to Ride #2

Create a roller coaster ride and set up a “ticket booth” and a roller coaster car. Have children act out buying a ticket and taking a roller coaster ride.

All Aboard!

Set up a train ride in the room and have children pretend to ride the train, help them make connections to real train rides.

All Around the Neighborhood

Have children use blocks to build a neighborhood that includes different ramps.

Fish for Letters (down)

Display the down word card and identify the letters in the word. Let children take turns fishing for the letters in down.

Pass Through the Obstacles

Have children set up an obstacle course and construct a game in which players need to find a way to pass the obstacles to get through the course. 

Play Together: “Quack’s Apples” #1 (PEEP game)

Join small groups of children at the Technology Center to have them take turns in helping Quack roll apples down the hill and into the pond.

Play Together: Roll, Roll, Slide!

Have children follow directions as they play the game “Roll, Roll, Slide!” using a block and a ramp.  

Play Together: Samantha Says (“Hh”)

Play “Simon Says.” as children repeat an action only when they hear a word beginning with the letter /h/ sound.

Play Together: Train Time

Have groups act out different characters (trains) from The Little Engine That Could. Find a hill or a low ramp to use as the mountain.

“Quack’s Apples” #3 (PEEP game)

Help children slant the sticks with Quack so that the apples roll down the hill and into the pond.

Road Obstacles

Have children construct a long winding highway. Challenge them to include various obstacles that the cars and trucks must go around.

Train Talk

Add train sets to the block center. Encourage children to use blocks to create the tracks for their trains.

“What’s Your Name? (/u/)” #2 (BTL clip)

Encourage active viewing as children watch the video Between the Lions “What’s Your Name? (/u/).” Have children clap, sing, and repeat the names that have a /u/ sound.

Word Play: Guess the Animal

Play a guessing game with children to help them review the letter sound /h/. Give children clues to help them guess the name of the animal.

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