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Act Out a Ramp Story

Read a book about ramps and help your child make connections to ramps found in your neighborhood.

Down the Slide

Test how different materials can make your child move down a slide faster, slower, or not at all.

Explore Together (indoors): Rolling Around

Challenge children to build a tube trackway and send a marble down the entire length of the trackway. Encourage children to draw or write to record their observations.

Explore Together (outdoors): Down the Slide

Bring children outside and have them explore how different objects move when they are sent down the playground slide.

Explore Together (outdoors): Free Exploration

Take children outdoors to build obstacle courses and explore how objects react when they hit an obstacle. 

Explore Together (outdoors): Free Ramp Exploration

Have children continue to explore ramps and how objects move down a ramp. Encourage children predict how an object will behave on a ramp.

Explore Together (outdoors): Hunt for Slides, Ramps, and Tracks

Have children explore ramps, slides, and trackways outdoors and record their observations. Ask children to reflect and share their observations.

Explore Together (outdoors): Ramps All Around

Have children explore ramps in their outdoor environment. Encourage them to draw to record their observations.

Explore Together (outdoors): Ramps with Different Surfaces

Take children outside to compare how objects with varying textures move on ramps with different surfaces.

Explore Together (outdoors): Roll, Slide, or Stay Put?

Take children outside to the playground slide or a preassembled ramp to explore objects that roll, slide, or stay put on the ramp.

Explore Together (outdoors): Steeper and Steeper Outside

Have children continue to observe rolling objects down ramps as they adjust the steepness of the incline.

Learn About Letters Together: Letter March ("Uu")

Draw or tape a gigantic letter “U” outdoors and have children march along the letter.

Ramps at Home

Build ramps out of everyday objects with your child. Then together explore objects that roll or slide.

Small Group: Sort Roll, Slide, or Stay Put

Sort objects based on how they move down ramps.

Word Play: Zigzag Dance

Draw a large letter “Z” on the ground. Have children line up and tell them they are going to zigzag around the “Z.”

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