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Across the Middle

Practice hand and arm motions that go across a baby’s middle to help build muscles and skills that prepare them for writing.

All Kinds of Music

Listen to different kinds of music with babies. Sing and dance with babies or plan group sing-alongs to get them moving, learning, and having fun. 

Babble Talk

Get up close and engage in babble talk conversations with babies. Babies practice sounds by lip-reading, so let them watch your mouth as you talk. 

Baby Face

Babies love babies! Share books with your baby that contain pictures of people, especially babies.

Baby Treasure Box

Help your baby discover the magic in everyday objects.

Back and Forth, Up and Down

Move a baby’s arms up and down and back and forth or count his fingers and toes as you use songs, chants, and nursery rhymes to introduce patterns and counting games.

Bigger and Bigger

Support babies as they figure out how to fit smaller boxes into larger ones or stack objects on top of one another.

Book Time

Engage babies in reading right from the start. Read to babies, but let them explore books with their eyes, mouths, and fingers, too!

Bouncy Time

Try a song or a rhyme as you bounce your baby on your knee or hold her in your arms.

Captain Baby

Help your baby see the world from a new perspective when you play “airplane.” Ready, set, take off!

Count Your Fingers and Toes!

Use your baby’s fascination with fingers and toes to have fun counting.

Face to Face

You and your baby have a lot to talk about! Sit face to face to start the conversation.

Family Photo Book

Your baby will love “reading” a family photo book—or any kind of simple, homemade book you create.

Finger Play

Try these fun songs as you move your hands to go with the words

Get "In Tune"

Engage in back-and-forth “talks” with a baby and get in tune with her voice, expressions, and body language as she communicates with you.

Hide and Seek

Play hide-and-seek games with babies to help them learn that things and people exist even when they can’t be seen.

How Does It Feel?

Introduce babies to new and different textures as you explore natural and man-made materials and objects together.

In the Mirror

Give a baby a mirror and join him in the fun. Make silly faces, clap to a tune, point out body parts, or watch as he babbles to his new “friend.”

Let’s Laugh

Ask family members to share what makes their baby laugh. Make a book of “laughing baby” ideas and share it with families and colleagues.

Make Your Mark

Have babies explore different materials with their hands, feet, fingers, and toes to help them exercise their pre-writing muscles.

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