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A Windy Day

Go outside on a windy day. Help children become aware of things being moved around by the wind.

Action Songs

Sing songs with actions and gestures to help toddlers expand their vocabularies and practice concepts. 

All About ME

Make each child a “Book About ME” with family photos and magazine pictures of favorite things. Encourage family members to read the book with their child.

Asking Questions

Give toddlers ongoing opportunities to ask questions. Tune into their signs and gestures of questioning and respond by giving them words for what they seem to be asking. 

Changing Textures

Explore how the texture and consistency of foods can change as you make a snack with children. Expand the exploration to include dry/wet sand or mud.

Color Mix

Playing with paints is a great way to let your toddler express herself, experiment, and have fun.

Colors, Shapes, and More

Nonfiction for toddlers? Yes! Concept books about shapes, colors, numbers, and other topics, helps your child learn about the world around her.

Cooking with Math

When your toddler helps you cook, he’s also learning math!

Dance Party

Dance together to all different kinds of music.

Different Ways to Play

Help children master new skills, remember new ideas, and investigate the world. Find opportunities to include new concepts, ideas, and words in their play in different ways.

Everyday Objects Are Fun Toys

Plan and build with boxes, tubes, containers, and other everyday objects together to help children develop language, art, math, and engineering skills.

Everyday Toys

Toys don’t have to be fancy or store-bought to bring hours of entertainment for your toddler.

Feelings Are Important!

Help toddlers learn words and strategies they need to help them manage and express and feelings, stay safe, handle new situations, and resolve problems.

Figure It Out

Play games to help toddlers use and strengthen their reasoning skills and to help them put their reasoning into words.

Flashlight Games

Play flashlight games with toddlers to help them build language skills. Spotlight and name an object in the room and then talk about it.

Just Like Me

Nurture a toddler’s individuality. Choose books with characters they can identify with and stories that reflect their home languages and cultures. 

Let’s Pretend

Playing pretend games is a great way to learn and practice new words with your toddler.

Light Show

Go outside and explore light on a sunny day. Play shadow games and explore what happens when light passes through colored water. 

Look in the Mirror

A mirror is a great way to talk about what your toddler sees, make silly faces, and name things!

Math by the Book

Reading counting books together helps your toddler enjoy and understand math.

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