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Action Songs

Sing songs with actions and gestures to help toddlers expand their vocabularies and practice concepts. 

Bathtub Science

Have your child explore water at bath time with plastic containers of different shapes and sizes.

Book Time

Engage babies in reading right from the start. Read to babies, but let them explore books with their eyes, mouths, and fingers, too!

Draw and Write Together: A Story Map

Create a story map to tell the sequence of the story Samantha on a Roll by Linda Ashman.

Draw and Write Together: Abiyoyo the Giant

Have children dictate or write words that describe how they think the giant Abiyoyo sounds when he sings, talks, or walks.

Draw and Write Together: About My Family

Make a list with children of different things they like to do with their families.

Draw and Write Together: Animal Sound Parade

Show magazine pictures of animals to children. Ask them to name the animals, then sort the sounds each make on a two-column chart titled “Loud/Soft.”

Draw and Write Together: Building Riddles

Invite children to create riddles that describe materials and tools.

Draw and Write Together: Color Mixing Chart

Create simple color-mixing charts to represent what happens when colors are mixed.

Draw and Write Together: Colors All Around Poem

Write a class poem incorporating children’s observations of different colors.

Draw and Write Together: Compare Versions of The Three Little Pigs

Create a “Same/Different” Chart to compare the versions of the three little pigs’ story.

Draw and Write Together: Comparing Stories

Have children compare similarities and differences about two versions of a story. Chart results.

Draw and Write Together: Dear Friends

Have children draw, dictate, or write a letter to a family member about something they liked in the story The Little Red Hen.

Draw and Write Together: Describe Abiyoyo

As a group, create a list of words that describe Abiyoyo.  Help children make their own version of an Abiyoyo puppet using these descriptions.

Draw and Write Together: Family and Friends

Invite children to reflect on what they have learned about families and friends.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Fruits

Have children try three different kinds of apples. Make a graph of which apple they liked the best.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on a chart and have children place their name card next to the instrument they like best.

Draw and Write Together: Feelings Book

Discuss feelings and have children draw a time they have specific feeling and dictate or write a caption.

Draw and Write Together: Fiesta Foods

Describe a fiesta and make a “Fiesta Foods” book by having children draw pictures of plant foods that begin with the letter “F.”

Draw and Write Together: Friends and Feelings

Discuss and draw pictures about different feelings friends can have when they are together.

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