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Draw and Write Together: Abiyoyo the Giant

Have children dictate or write words that describe how they think the giant Abiyoyo sounds when he sings, talks, or walks.

Draw and Write Together: Describe Abiyoyo

As a group, create a list of words that describe Abiyoyo.  Help children make their own version of an Abiyoyo puppet using these descriptions.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on a chart and have children place their name card next to the instrument they like best.

Draw and Write Together: How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar

Invite children to dictate “How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar” while you write the instructions on chart paper.

Draw and Write Together: “I Am a Fine Musician”

Teach children the song “I Am a Fine Musician.” Reinforce the directionality of print by using a written chart of the lyrics.

Draw and Write Together: Music Poem

Write a music poem with children. Have children dictate how music makes them feel to complete the poem.

Explore Together (indoors): Responding to Sound

Invite children to create their own music by responding to the sounds they hear indoors. Provide various materials and help children identify and imitate sounds.

Explore Together (outdoors): Outdoor Sounds

Allow children to explore freely making sounds on various outdoor surfaces. Tell children you want them to record at least one observation on a clipboard.

Learn About Letter Sounds Together: Bag of Sounds (/j/)

Ask a child to pull an object from a bag filled with objects that begin with the /j/ sound. Name the object emphasizing the beginning /j/ sound.

Learn About Letter Sounds Together: "Lions Jabber, Jig, Jog" (BTL clip)

Have children watch a short Between the Lions video clip to review with children the letter sounds /j/. 

Learn About Letters Together: Letter Shape (“Ii”)

Use the Air Writing Routine to help children recognize and begin to “write” the letter “Ii.”

Learn About Letters Together: Letters in Our Names (“Jj”) and (“Ll”)

Use the Letters in Our Names Routine to help children recognize “Ll” and “Jj” in their names.

Learn About Letters Together: Target Letter (“Jj”) and Word (jazz)

Use the Target Letter and Word Routine to introduce children to the letter “Jj” and the word jazz.

Play Together: Volume Control

Play a game with children where they raise and lower the volume of their voices. Use cardboard remote controls to adjust others’ volumes.

Read Together: Abiyoyo #2

Reread Abiyoyo by Pete Seeger and have children make connections to their own lives.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 4, Week 1

Reread one of the read-aloud books about sound or choose a favorite book from the recommended list.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 4, Week 2

Reread one of the books or select a book from the Recommended List and review the concepts about sound.

Read Together: Jazz Baby #1

Have children close their eyes and listen to a short jazz recording before you read the story Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler. 

Read Together: Jazz Baby #2

Children imagine they are listening to the music in the story Jazz Baby by Lisa Wheeler as you read it aloud.

Read Together: My Family Plays Music #1

Read a book about a family that likes to make music with many different musical instruments. Help children make connections to the book.

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