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Bathtub Science

Have your child explore water at bath time with plastic containers of different shapes and sizes.

Draw and Write Together: A Story Map

Create a story map to tell the sequence of the story Samantha on a Roll by Linda Ashman.

Draw and Write Together: Abiyoyo the Giant

Have children dictate or write words that describe how they think the giant Abiyoyo sounds when he sings, talks, or walks.

Draw and Write Together: About My Family

Make a list with children of different things they like to do with their families.

Draw and Write Together: Animal Sound Parade

Show magazine pictures of animals to children. Ask them to name the animals, then sort the sounds each make on a two-column chart titled “Loud/Soft.”

Draw and Write Together: Building Riddles

Invite children to create riddles that describe materials and tools.

Draw and Write Together: Color Mixing Chart

Create simple color-mixing charts to represent what happens when colors are mixed.

Draw and Write Together: Colors All Around Poem

Write a class poem incorporating children’s observations of different colors.

Draw and Write Together: Compare Versions of The Three Little Pigs

Create a “Same/Different” Chart to compare the versions of the three little pigs’ story.

Draw and Write Together: Comparing Stories

Have children compare similarities and differences about two versions of a story. Chart results.

Draw and Write Together: Dear Friends

Have children draw, dictate, or write a letter to a family member about something they liked in the story The Little Red Hen.

Draw and Write Together: Describe Abiyoyo

As a group, create a list of words that describe Abiyoyo.  Help children make their own version of an Abiyoyo puppet using these descriptions.

Draw and Write Together: Family and Friends

Invite children to reflect on what they have learned about families and friends.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Fruits

Have children try three different kinds of apples. Make a graph of which apple they liked the best.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on a chart and have children place their name card next to the instrument they like best.

Draw and Write Together: Feelings Book

Discuss feelings and have children draw a time they have specific feeling and dictate or write a caption.

Draw and Write Together: Fiesta Foods

Describe a fiesta and make a “Fiesta Foods” book by having children draw pictures of plant foods that begin with the letter “F.”

Draw and Write Together: Friends and Feelings

Discuss and draw pictures about different feelings friends can have when they are together.

Draw and Write Together: “How It Moves” Chart

Discuss children's observations while rolling or sliding objects down ramps. Create a  “Roll” and “Slide” chart with children.

Draw and Write Together: How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar

Invite children to dictate “How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar” while you write the instructions on chart paper.

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