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Explore Together (outdoors): Outdoor Sounds

Allow children to explore freely making sounds on various outdoor surfaces. Tell children you want them to record at least one observation on a clipboard.

Learn About Letters Together: Letter March ("Uu")

Draw or tape a gigantic letter “U” outdoors and have children march along the letter.

Nature's Music

Sit quietly outside with one or two toddlers and listen to sounds together. Talk and sing about the sounds you hear.  

Packing for a Picnic

Planning a picnic together involves lots of early math concepts.

Play Together: Huff and Puff Tag

Play this game of tag and have “the wolf” chase after the little pigs. The game ends when all the little pigs have been tagged.

Play Together: Pig, Pig, Wolf!

Play the game “Duck, Duck, Goose” using words pig and wolf.  

Play Together: Volume Control

Play a game with children where they raise and lower the volume of their voices. Use cardboard remote controls to adjust others’ volumes.

Small Group: Measure the Flow

Have children measure how far the water flowed with nonstandard measuring tools.

Small Group: Sort Roll, Slide, or Stay Put

Sort objects based on how they move down ramps.

Talk Together: Structures to Build

Take children outside to choose a structure they would like to build a representation of.

Tell Stories

Engage babies with stories during your daily routines. Use interesting words and longer sentences as you create your stories. 

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