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Bathtub Science

Have your child explore water at bath time with plastic containers of different shapes and sizes.

Draw and Write Together: “Our Bean Seeds” Chart

Have children dictate or write to record observations as children’s plants grow. 

Draw and Write Together: What Did We See?

Have children draw to record an observation they made outside.

Explore Together (indoors): Different Bulbs

Explore different types of bulbs. Have children record observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Look Inside Fruits

Examine the seeds in three different fruits. Encourage children to draw, write, or dictate their observations to compare the seeds.  

Explore Together (indoors): Our Growing Seeds and Bulbs

Have children observe their growing plants. Instruct them to use their science notebooks to draw their plants.

Explore Together (indoors): Responding to Sound

Invite children to create their own music by responding to the sounds they hear indoors. Provide various materials and help children identify and imitate sounds.

Explore Together (outdoors): Outdoor Sounds

Allow children to explore freely making sounds on various outdoor surfaces. Tell children you want them to record at least one observation on a clipboard.

Nature's Music

Sit quietly outside with one or two toddlers and listen to sounds together. Talk and sing about the sounds you hear.  

New Flavors

Try a food your child has never had before. Talk about how it tastes and find out where and how it’s grown.

Review the Week Together: Unit 7, Week 1

Revisit the charts, objects, and pictures from the week. 

Small Group: Bag of Objects

Give each child an object to describe and predict if it will float or sink. Test the items and place them in bins labeled “Float” or “Sink.”

Small Group: Body Ramps

Have children make body ramps with their legs, arms, and different body parts. Then have them objects down their ramps.

Small Group: Check Sprouts

Assign children to rinse the seeds again. Then observe and record how the sprouts have changed.

Small Group: Different Materials

Encourage children to explore a variety of building materials. Have them record their observations and ideas in their “Building Materials” journals.

Small Group: Drops on a Penny

Have children continue to explore how water drops stick together, and how water drops behave on different surfaces.

Small Group: Enough Room?

Have children explore the idea of fitting objects in a limited space.

Small Group: Foam Ball Houses

Explore making walls and roofs with foam craft balls and toothpicks.

Small Group: Growing Sprouts #1

Prepare sprout seeds for planting with children.

Small Group: Growing Sprouts #2

Have children rinse the sprout seeds and record any changes they observe in the plant.

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