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Back and Forth, Up and Down

Move a baby’s arms up and down and back and forth or count his fingers and toes as you use songs, chants, and nursery rhymes to introduce patterns and counting games.

Bigger and Bigger

Support babies as they figure out how to fit smaller boxes into larger ones or stack objects on top of one another.

Captain Baby

Help your baby see the world from a new perspective when you play “airplane.” Ready, set, take off!

Finger Play

Try these fun songs as you move your hands to go with the words

Hide and Seek

Play hide-and-seek games with babies to help them learn that things and people exist even when they can’t be seen.

More . . . More . . . Too Many

Hand a baby more objects than she can hold to help a baby develop a strong sense of numbers. Play the game as you use lots of math vocabulary—here’s one toy, here’s one more, let’s count how many, and so on.

Move to the Groove

Music is a great way to get your baby moving and sets the stage for later fitness.


Playing Peek-a-Boo is not only fun, but helps your baby make an exciting discovery: things are still there when she can’t see them!

Talk It Up

What does your baby respond to? Talk about his favorite toy or whatever grabs her attention.

Use Your Hands

Play hand and finger games with babies during regular routines to help them strengthen small motor muscle and learn to use their hands.

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