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Action Songs

Sing songs with actions and gestures to help toddlers expand their vocabularies and practice concepts. 

All Kinds of Music

Listen to different kinds of music with babies. Sing and dance with babies or plan group sing-alongs to get them moving, learning, and having fun. 

Back and Forth, Up and Down

Move a baby’s arms up and down and back and forth or count his fingers and toes as you use songs, chants, and nursery rhymes to introduce patterns and counting games.

Bouncy Time

Try a song or a rhyme as you bounce your baby on your knee or hold her in your arms.

Count Your Fingers and Toes!

Use your baby’s fascination with fingers and toes to have fun counting.

Dance Party

Dance together to all different kinds of music.

Draw and Write Together: Food Rhymes

Recite the rhyme “Oh, So Yummy.” Have children suggest foods to replace “Carrots, carrots” to make a new rhyme.

Draw and Write Together: “I Am a Fine Musician”

Teach children the song “I Am a Fine Musician.” Reinforce the directionality of print by using a written chart of the lyrics.

Draw and Write Together: It’s a Whatchamacallit

Have children generate rhyme words as they dictate or write to complete the poem “It’s a Whatchamacallit.”

Draw and Write Together: Night Music

Reread the poem “Night Music,” and together then compose a new group poem based on city sounds.

Draw and Write Together: “Peter Piper Paints” #1

Help children find word cards that begin with the letter "p" to complete a group poem.

Draw and Write Together: Poems and Pictures

Discuss how an author uses words in a poem to “paint” pictures in our minds.

Draw and Write Together: “Ryan Reads”

Help children create a new version of the "Ryan Reads" poem by inserting new "r" words.

Draw and Write Together: The Colors Of Us

Write a group poem about different tones of skin color.

Draw and Write Together: “The River”

Read the poem “The River.” Have children draw a picture of how they imagined the river flowed down the mountain.   

Draw and Write Together: Water Poetry

Help children write or dictate a poem about water using the template provided.

Draw and Write Together: “We Use Wheels” Rhyme

Invite children to dictate, write, and draw their own rhymes about wheels.   

Draw and Write Together: Wheels Poetry

Children write a group poem about objects that have wheels. 

Explore Together (indoors): Letter Hunt

Place letter cards around the room and send children on a letter hunt.

Explore Together (indoors): More Shake and Listen

Have children predict which objects make the loudest sounds. Facilitate children’s explorations.

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