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Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

Color Art

Have children make a collage of colored transparent materials and observe how light shines through the colors.

Color Break-Up

Help children break up colors using a simple form of chromatography to show what colors were combined to make another color.

Explore Together (indoors): Color in Light

Assist children as they create a rainbow using a bottle of water and light.

Explore Together (indoors): Colored Lenses

Have children explore looking at objects indoors through colored transparent materials.

Explore Together (indoors): Food Coloring Mix

Have children explore mixing two different colors of water.

Explore Together (indoors): Indoor Color

Help children make different shades of the color blue.

Explore Together (indoors): Mixing Paint Colors

Have children explore mixing two colors of paint to create new colors.

Explore Together (indoors): More Shades of Paint

Have children mix paints to create darker and lighter shades of yellow.

Explore Together (indoors): Shades of Red

Have children make shades of the color red using food coloring and water.

Explore Together (indoors): Skin Colors

Have children explore and discuss different colors of crayons and paints that resemble different colors of skin.

Explore Together: Map Colors

Review how different colors communicate different things to children as they make a neighborhood map.

Explore Together (outdoors): Colored Lenses

Have children explore looking at the world through colored transparent plastic sheets.

Explore Together (outdoors): Colored Light

Have children explore what happens to light cast through different transparent objects.

Explore Together (outdoors): Make Rainbows

Have children make and observe rainbows using water mist.

Explore Together (outdoors): Many Shades of Brown

Have children explore outside and look for brown things in nature.

Explore Together (outdoors): Shaded Colors

Explore and describe colors with and without sunglasses on.

Marble Painting

Have children roll marbles that are covered in paint inside a covered box to create a painting and observe how colors mix.

One-on-One Reading: Spicy Hot Colors

Read Spicy Hot Colors aloud, inviting children to participate by saying the words that imitate sounds.

Talk Together: Rainbow CDs

Help children create their own rainbows using CDs.

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