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Animal Colors

Have children sort pictures of animals by their colors and talk about how some animals blend into their environment.

Color Art

Have children make a collage of colored transparent materials and observe how light shines through the colors.

Color “I Spy”

Have children listen to and guess the color of an object based on clues.

Draw and Write Together: Color Mixing Chart

Create simple color-mixing charts to represent what happens when colors are mixed.

Draw and Write Together: Hunting for Colors

Have children go on a hunt looking for specific colors around the room.

Draw and Write Together: Our Green Poem

Write a class poem about the color green.

Draw and Write Together: “Peter Piper Paints” #1

Help children find word cards that begin with the letter "p" to complete a group poem.

Draw and Write Together: Poems and Pictures

Discuss how an author uses words in a poem to “paint” pictures in our minds.

Draw and Write Together: The Colors Of Us

Write a group poem about different tones of skin color.

Draw and Write Together: What Is Orange?

Write a poem with children about the color orange.

Draw and Write Together: Yellow Means . . .

Discuss the color yellow and why it is used in road signs, traffic lights, and street signs.  

Explore Together (indoors): Color in Light

Assist children as they create a rainbow using a bottle of water and light.

Explore Together (indoors): Colored Lenses

Have children explore looking at objects indoors through colored transparent materials.

Explore Together (indoors): Colors By Hand

Have children explore mixing colors and shades of color with finger paints. 

Explore Together (indoors): Food Coloring Mix

Have children explore mixing two different colors of water.

Explore Together (indoors): Indoor Color

Help children make different shades of the color blue.

Explore Together (indoors): Many Shades of Paint

Have children explore mixing paints to make different shades of color.

Explore Together (indoors): Mixing Paint Colors

Have children explore mixing two colors of paint to create new colors.

Explore Together (indoors): More Shades and Colors

Go for an indoor color walk and have children find and touch objects of various colors.

Explore Together (indoors): More Shades of Paint

Have children mix paints to create darker and lighter shades of yellow.

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