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Abiyoyo Puppets

Help children make their own Abiyoyo puppets. Model how to draw eyes, a nose, and a mouth on a small paper bag or paper plate.

Abiyoyo Village

Invite children to recreate the setting of Abiyoyo, and retell the story using props. Help children construct the village and recreate the story with them.

Block Percussion Center

Invite children to become percussionists like the little girl in My Family Plays Music.  Have them tap the blocks lightly with wooden spoons.

Class Band T-shirt

Invite children to make suggestions for a band name.  Have them dictate their suggestion and write it on a construction paper t-shirt.  Have children decorate the shirt.

Dance Studio

Have children to pretend they are taking dancing lessons. Encourage them to experiment with different kinds of dance movement.

Dancing Fingers

Encourage children to move their hands to the music as they finger paint. Talk about the music and the ways children are moving their fingers to it.

Disappearing Objects Show

Invite children to put on their own magic show. Help them make connections to the book Abiyoyo.

Draw and Write Together: Abiyoyo the Giant

Have children dictate or write words that describe how they think the giant Abiyoyo sounds when he sings, talks, or walks.

Draw and Write Together: Describe Abiyoyo

As a group, create a list of words that describe Abiyoyo.  Help children make their own version of an Abiyoyo puppet using these descriptions.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Instrument Graph

Print out or draw pictures of musical instruments on a chart and have children place their name card next to the instrument they like best.

Draw and Write Together: How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar

Invite children to dictate “How to Make a Rubber Band Guitar” while you write the instructions on chart paper.

Draw and Write Together: “I Am a Fine Musician”

Teach children the song “I Am a Fine Musician.” Reinforce the directionality of print by using a written chart of the lyrics.

Draw and Write Together: Music Poem

Write a music poem with children. Have children dictate how music makes them feel to complete the poem.

Draw and Write Together: Noisy and Quiet

Talk about noisy places and quiet places.  Have children draw themselves in one of these places and help them write a sentence for the drawing.

Draw and Write Together: We Love Jazz!

Reread a few pages of Jazz Baby that feature sound and action words.  Have children choose one of the words and draw a picture.

Explore Together (indoors): Different Voices, Different Pitch

Have children explore making different sound pairs with their voices (high sound and a soft sound; low sound and a loud sound, etc.).

Explore Together (indoors): Drums and Scrapers

Have children explore tapping and scraping sounds while using different materials. Encourage further exploration by occasionally commenting and/or posing questions.

Explore Together (indoors): Listening Through Tubes

Have children explore listening to sounds through tubes and hoses.  Encourage children to make predictions and make sounds for each other to listen to.

Explore Together (indoors): Music Day Performance

Gather children in the same groups as yesterday. Play the same music children listened to yesterday. Allow children to practice their music or movements from the week.

Explore Together (indoors): Music Mural #1

Play a piece of music and ask children to paint how they feel.  Turn the volume up and down as they paint.

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