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Artificial and Real Plants

Provide some artificial plants and real plants for children to compare with their senses.

Build a Garden

Have children build a block garden using craft foam as the dirt, blocks for a wall, and plastic flowers.

Build a Word (seed)

Have children build the word “seed” with blocks. Guide them to use curved blocks (arches) or make curves from small square blocks for the letters “s” and “e.”

Community Helpers

Discuss community helpers and vehicles they use to do their job. Focus on people who take care of parks and community gardens. Have children build a neighborhood park or community garden with roads for vehicles used to maintain the area.

Draw and Write Together: Dear Friends

Have children draw, dictate, or write a letter to a family member about something they liked in the story The Little Red Hen.

Draw and Write Together: Favorite Fruits

Have children try three different kinds of apples. Make a graph of which apple they liked the best.

Draw and Write Together: If I Planted a Seed

Children choose a plant they would like to grow and illustrate, dictate or write about it.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #1

Have children add to the graphs that show how their plants grow over time.

Draw and Write Together: My Garden

Have children draw a garden. Have them write or dictate what their plants need.

Draw and Write Together: My Kitchen

Explain how spices come from plants. Have children draw, write, or dictate a window box with plants they would want in their kitchen window.

Draw and Write Together: “Our Bean Seeds” Chart

Have children dictate or write to record observations as children’s plants grow. 

Draw and Write Together: The Seasons of the Year

Discuss characteristics of seasons. Have children draw pictures of the different seasons outdoors and dictate or label the correct season for each picture.

Draw and Write Together: Updating Our Science Notebooks

Have children draw a picture in their science notebooks and dictate an entry to go with the picture.

Draw and Write Together: What We Learned About Worms

Have children draw and dictate or write something they learned about the underground environment.

Draw and Write Together: “Worms” Chart

Have children draw and dictate or write a fact they learned about how worms help plants.

Explore Together (indoors): Different Bulbs

Explore different types of bulbs. Have children record observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Grass Seeds

Have children plant grass seeds and record changes in previously planted seeds.

Explore Together (indoors): How Did It Grow?

Have children observe, record, and discuss the changes in the seeds and bulbs they planted.

Explore Together (indoors): Introduce Seeds

Have children observe, compare, and sort seeds into different categories.

Explore Together (indoors): Look Inside Fruits

Examine the seeds in three different fruits. Encourage children to draw, write, or dictate their observations to compare the seeds.  

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