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Explore Together (indoors): Build Steeper Ramps

Have children build and freely explore sending objects down ramps of different steepness.

Explore Together (indoors): Build Trackways

Have children work in pairs to build a trackway and observe how a marble moves down the track.

Explore Together (indoors): Building Tube Tracks

Have children build tube tracks and explore changing the tracks to make their ball move in different directions.

Explore Together (indoors): Indoor Ramp Rolling

Allow children to freely explore ramps materials and building ramps. Encourage them to record their observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Move Along

Discuss how things with and without wheels move down ramps. Have children work in groups to construct ramps.

Explore Together (indoors): Ramp Obstacles

Have children place obstacles in the pathway of rolling objects and explore what happens when the objects hit the obstacles as they are moving down a ramp. 

Explore Together (indoors): Rolling Around

Challenge children to build a tube trackway and send a marble down the entire length of the trackway. Encourage children to draw or write to record their observations.

Explore Together (indoors): Rolling on Different Surfaces

Explore how different floor surfaces affect how far a ball travels after leaving a ramp. Divide the group onto different surfaces to see on which the ball will go farthest.

Explore Together (indoors): Steeper and Steeper

Have children explore how the steepness of a ramp will affect how far a ball travels. Use two ramps with one being steeper than the other.

Explore Together (indoors): Vary the Obstacles

Children continue to explore ramps and objects that can be obstacles. Have children experiment with using different objects to use as obstacles.

Explore Together (indoors): Vary the Steepness

Have children figure out what they need to do to the steepness of a ramp to make a ball knock over an obstacle.

Explore Together (outdoors): Down the Slide

Bring children outside and have them explore how different objects move when they are sent down the playground slide.

Explore Together (outdoors): Free Exploration

Take children outdoors to build obstacle courses and explore how objects react when they hit an obstacle. 

Explore Together (outdoors): Free Ramp Exploration

Have children continue to explore ramps and how objects move down a ramp. Encourage children predict how an object will behave on a ramp.

Explore Together (outdoors): Hunt for Slides, Ramps, and Tracks

Have children explore ramps, slides, and trackways outdoors and record their observations. Ask children to reflect and share their observations.

Explore Together (outdoors): Ramps All Around

Have children explore ramps in their outdoor environment. Encourage them to draw to record their observations.

Explore Together (outdoors): Ramps with Different Surfaces

Take children outside to compare how objects with varying textures move on ramps with different surfaces.

Explore Together (outdoors): Roll, Slide, or Stay Put?

Take children outside to the playground slide or a preassembled ramp to explore objects that roll, slide, or stay put on the ramp.

Explore Together (outdoors): Steeper and Steeper Outside

Have children continue to observe rolling objects down ramps as they adjust the steepness of the incline.

Family Connection: Unit 5, Week 1, #1

Send a Family Connection letter home with children.

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