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Draw and Write Together: A Story Map

Create a story map to tell the sequence of the story Samantha on a Roll by Linda Ashman.

Draw and Write Together: Feelings Book

Discuss feelings and have children draw a time they have specific feeling and dictate or write a caption.

Draw and Write Together: “How It Moves” Chart

Discuss children's observations while rolling or sliding objects down ramps. Create a  “Roll” and “Slide” chart with children.

Draw and Write Together: It’s a Whatchamacallit

Have children generate rhyme words as they dictate or write to complete the poem “It’s a Whatchamacallit.”

Draw and Write Together: Using Ramps

Have children dictate, write, or draw to illustrate a way in which ramps are used.

Draw and Write Together: We Did It!

Ask children to think of something they were afraid to do the first time. Have children draw a picture of them doing the task.

Draw and Write Together: “We Use Wheels” Rhyme

Invite children to dictate, write, and draw their own rhymes about wheels.   

Draw and Write Together: We Went Walking

Have children complete a sentence strip chart as they dictate or write about ramp observations to fill in the last sentence. 

Draw and Write Together: Wheels Poetry

Children write a group poem about objects that have wheels. 

Learn About Letter Sounds Together: Beginning Sound (/z/)

Help children learn the /z/ sound by having them come up with real or made-up words that begin with the /z/ sound.

Play Together: Train Time

Have groups act out different characters (trains) from The Little Engine That Could. Find a hill or a low ramp to use as the mountain.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 5, Week 1

Reread a book from the week, watch “Roller Coaster,” or select a book from the recommended list. Focus on ramps and rolling and sliding movements.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 5, Week 3

Read aloud a favorite book about ramps or wheels.

Read Together: Educator’s Choice, Unit 5, Week 4

Read aloud Samantha on a Roll, Ten on the Sled, or another book about rolling or sliding.

Read Together: Roll, Slope, Slide: A Book About Ramps #1

Read the book and have children listen actively as they use hand and body motions to act out action words and phrases.

Read Together: Roller Coaster #1

Read a story about a girl who goes on her first roller coaster ride. Have children notice what happens when the roller coaster goes up and down the hills.

Read Together: Roller Coaster #2

Read the book Roller Coaster and encourage children to act out all the motion words.

Read Together: Ten on the Sled #1

Read Ten on the Sled by Kim Norman. Discuss the animals on the sled and predict what will happen as they go down the hill.

Read Together: Ten on the Sled, #2

Make connections to ramps, steepness, and how different move slide down hills as you read Ten on the Sled. Talk about the “main idea” of a story.

Read Together: What Do Wheels Do all Day?

Read aloud What Do Wheels Do All Day? Discuss how each character uses wheels to move around and do different things.

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