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At the Carwash

Have children build a carwash out of blocks and to drive the toy cars and truck through for a good washing.

Boat Book

Have children draw, dictate, or write something that surprised them as they were exploring making objects and float and sink. Compile the pages to make a group book.

Build a Bay

Place a bin of water in the Block Area to represent a bay. Have children build a coastline around the bay.

Build a Boat

Invite children to create a boat from blocks. Encourage them to make different types of boats they have been reading about.

Build a Letter (“Bb”)

Invite children to make the letter “Bb” with blocks. Have them count the number of blocks they use.

Build a Letter (“Ww”)

Invite children to make the uppercase and lowercase “Ww” with blocks.

Colored Water Drop Design

Have children create water drop designs by letting colored water drops flow down a ramp.

Comparing Weight

Demonstrate how to use the balance or homemade scale. Let children compare objects and guess which one is heavier.

Different Material—Different Drying Time

Children choose items of different materials and determine which absorbs more water and which dries faster.

Does It Float?

Have children test objects to see if they will float or sink. Instruct children to place the objects in the “sink” or “float” half of a poster board based on what happened.

Draw and Write Together: Boat Characters

Have each child choose a boat character in Toy Boat and continue the story.

Draw and Write Together: It Floats! It Sinks!

Have children draw a picture of their favorite object from “Fish Museum.” Help them dictate or write a caption about if the object floats or sinks.

Draw and Write Together: Make a Graph #2

Make a graph of children’s results from the measuring activity.

Draw and Write Together: My Boat

Have children draw a boat they built. Help them write or dictate a caption about something they learned while observing the boat.

Draw and Write Together: Our Water Story

Have children create a story together about a trip on the ocean in a boat.

Draw and Write Together: “The River”

Read the poem “The River.” Have children draw a picture of how they imagined the river flowed down the mountain.   

Draw and Write Together: Water Poetry

Help children write or dictate a poem about water using the template provided.

Draw and Write Together: What Clothes Absorb Water?

Have children identify clothing articles that absorb water and dictate or write a caption about it.

Explore Together (indoors): Balls: Float or Sink?

Test children’s predictions and have them record which balls float and which ones sink.

Explore Together (indoors): Boats Afloat

Challenge children to make a boat that will hold the biggest load and still float on the water.

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